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Pre-launching Online Meditation Course

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Last week I mentioned that I have been developing an online course called Establish a Meditation Practice: Mindfulness Basics. I am still toying with the name so you may read a couple of variations of it over the next while. If you have any strong preferences please don’t hesitate to let me know.

This weekend I began the design my pre-launch for the course. I am getting excited and also edgy/nervous about it so I thought I’d invite you into this process with me. It would be comforting to me to have collaborators.

What is a pre-launch?

A pre-launch is an umbrella term used to describe tactics and activities which help to get information about the product (my course) out in to the world. I am considering, creating a facebook group for folks who are interested, having a live webinar on the course, signing up partners and affiliates who have an interest in the course (and meditation), and a timeline towards Early-Access.

What is Early-Access/Beta?

Early-Access is another term for a Beta or a pre-release. I will provide access to the complete course for a discount with the hope that you will provide feedback on it. This is a great way to test out how the course might work for a larger group. Or as an individual, it is a great way to save some money while you are changing your life in wonderful ways thorough meditating.

I am expecting to provide Early Access to the 8 week course Establish a Meditation Practice: Mindfulness Basics as early November 12, 2018. Stay connected to learn more about the course and the events of the pre-launch.

What is the objective/intention of the course ?

What I am teaching in this course is how to maintain a structure to integrate meditation into your life. The course, including an individualized coaching session will hold you through the first two months of your practice. I introduce you to a variety of resources so that you can continue your investigation of the traditions of meditation . In contrast to others who offer meditation courses, I am not your teacher. I am your meditation coach. We are equals on this journey/experience.

You must make a commitment to meditate before you start the class. It’s ok if you haven’t before you sign up, but once you start the course you need to make a personal commitment to meditate daily. The course can’t make that commitment for you.

We all come to meditate from different paths. I had reached the point where I was intent on trying everything I could to find peace. I had identified that I was anxious and projecting negative outcomes. I began looking at ways to deal with it and to take notice of how my actions could be affected by it. Meditation was suggested to me by someone I greatly admire. Wanting to know more, that’s all it took to get me started. I embraced the intention and gifted myself with the resolve to give a daily meditation practice a chance.

Are you curious?

Soon you will be able to -register for Early Access to the course to learn more about it. Until then, if you have any questions please reach out to me at margot@margothovey.com.

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