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Pre-launch Progress

As I’ve previously stated, it’s important for me to have my actions aligned with my values. If you are reading this short piece, then we share in the Diversity & Inclusion community. It is as a result of my meditation practice that I have been able to grow and develop more collaborative relations with all sorts of folks outside of my birth-community. Meditation is one of my primary resources in creating positive relations with people. It’s for this reason that I have created a course to assist others in having access to their own meditation resource. A couple of weeks ago I invited you to collaborate with me on pre-launching an online course called, Establish a Meditation Practice: Mindfulness Basics. This past weekend I moved forward with a couple of major tasks to this end.

Be warned that progress is not necessarily glamorous.

As I dug into the details of the pre-launch I had to acknowledge that the technical aspects aren’t at all glamorous. And strangely, some of them are challenging for those of us who are introverts. My first challenge was to take on all aspects to allow potential clients to become aware of the course and to pay for it online. I designed a landing page to use for a list of courses that I will supplement in the future. [I will likely begin with a course on becoming aware of the impact of whiteness in your life]. But that is a spoiler and I can’t afford to become distracted before I get this first course out. As well, I began to design a facebook page to announce the course and build community around my service offerings. It will also provide me with a space to host live webinars on the course, sign up partners and affiliates who have an interest in the course (and meditation), and publish a timeline towards the Early Access, or Beta version. These sales-related aspects are exciting and a tad nerve-wracking. Best to focus on the source of the excitement–I AM VERY CLOSE TO LAUNCHING and attaining a goal I set much earlier in the year.

As well, this weekend I started to identify the technical elements of interactions between payment software and my bank. This involved reaching out to the government agency for Enterprises, my bank and digging into software options available to let clients purchase this course (and others in the future). None of these were glamorous tasks, but I made real progress on each of them. Together all of these tasks bring us closer to dancing in another sphere. I simply want to be true to my commitment to be transparent with you. I want to share my process, and some of that is technical and detailed yet necessary in the online world.

The next step will be to establish a community mailing program so that I can engage with you on an individual basis and we can create unique relationships with each other. I promise, I will let you know beforehand what you can expect from me in terms of communications. I won’t bombard you. I will respect you as that is what it means to have integrity in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) space.

Soon you will be able to sign up for the Early Access version of the course at a discount! I am offering a discount until the end of 2018. I want to join you in your New Year’s resolve to establish a meditation practice. Or, you can support your honey in doing so and give them the gift of my support. Until then, if you have any questions please reach out to me at

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