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Confronting the Dragon

I am close to launching the Early Access version of an online course called, Establish a Meditation Practice: Mindfulness Basics. It seems, the closer I get the more I need to rely on my mindfulness meditation practice. I am confronting new challenges, obstacles and ways of identification that are new and unknown to me. The closer I get to launching the closer I get to changing into a new version of myself — or so it seems.

This week I’ve witnessed my mounting anxiety. I see that I’ve created emotional obstacles to sabotage my dreams and goals. They feel like a record with a skip in it. That is the way that I know that they are old, tried and true, and have had a life of their own. What is different is my intent of not letting these obstacles stand in my way or prevent me from working through them. But how? This is the moment in (Joseph Campbell’s) Hero’s Journey where the hero(ine) confronts the evil dragon.

This morning I acknowledged that the biggest way that I could help myself was by meditating. I have evidence that through meditating I would demonstrate to myself that I could trust myself to do whatever is needed to support this initiative. Afterall, I want most to share with people the practice that has created the most positive change in my life. And that is something! I have never been bashful about going to school, hiring coaches or therapists, even going to the Unitarian church or exploring on my own to further my self-development and learn. Learning is one of my most significant values. Together with self-compassion, my curiosity and learning are what I have to offer others in a beneficial way.

My “sales” process really does coincide with my own experience coupled with my desire to help others and support world peace ( grin). If you are reading this you are interested in meditation.. I’d like to hear about your interest and your experience. What is it about meditation that intrigues you? This week I am introducing a facebook page to start the discussion. Join the conversation here and share what you are looking for from a regular meditation practice. Or, feel free to ask any questions you have about the course. If you are on Facebook, check out Margot Hovey Consulting to join the conversation.

Over the next two weeks, you will be able to access the Early Access version of the course at a discount! I am offering a discount until the end of 2018. I want to join you in your New Year’s resolve to establish a meditation practice. Or, you can support your honey in doing so and give them the gift of my support. Until then, if you have any questions please reach out to me at

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