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Be Curious

I created the online course Establish a Meditation Practice: Mindfulness Basics because, like you, I’ve struggled for a long time with making space in my life to meditate daily. Ironically, there were always other issues that got in the way. Somehow, they seemed more pressing. There was always something more urgent that had to be attended to. Deep down inside though, I knew that meditating would help me change my perspective and that these urgent issues would seem less pressing if I had greater peace within.

All I wanted when I got started was a clear path to fixing that problem. I decided to look back at my journey and to put together what I did to resolve these concerns into one online course that covers it all.

I am launching this course shortly and you can get it at a discount until the end of the year. Contact me directly at for immediate details.

Now I’ll go over how I did it and how you can do establish a mediation practice at home too.

First let’s talk about the mistakes I made (and maybe a few that you’ve made as well). To begin with, as I was saying I had a million excuses not to meditate. I had as many excuses as there are days in the year. I was disturbed by others in my home. I couldn’t get up early enough not to be disturbed. I didn’t have a proper space to meditate. I didn’t know what I needed to mediate. I felt guilty when I missed a day.

Sounding familiar?

Solving that problem took a little while, and the time it took to fix it on my own ended up costing me. I smoked for many more years. Yes, that’s right I quit smoking when I started to meditate regularly. With each passing day that I smoked I increased the damage to my body and my personal self worth was compromised. The longer I smoked, the longer I focused on the negative consequences of smoking. All of this lead to a negative self image. The benefits of not smoking are too numerous to count. None of these would have been possible without focusing on my breath. Likewise, the longer I took to meditate regularly the less I respected myself. Although I valued honouring contemplation, I wasn’t doing it for myself. I wasn’t walking my own talk. What was missing was my commitment.

Don’t let that happen to you too. And if it has happened to you, don’t let it happen again! Make your commitment today. I don’t know about you, but once I make a commitment to myself, I can count on it. If you make the commitment, I will provide a structure for two months to support you.

I’ll give you more information about the course and my support in my next blog.

Be curious! It will make meditating (and interacting harmoniously with others) so much easier.

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