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5 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Props D&I

I’ve been working on an online course for most of the year to called Establish a Meditation Practice at Home: Mindfulness Basics. I am piloting it right now and receiving interesting feedback from participants. It’s an exciting and fascinating process. For people working in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) space, a meditation and a mindfulness practice can mean the difference between burn out and resiliency.

Here are 5 ways that a Mindfulness Meditation Practice can props you in your D&I work.

1. Self-care is compassion and intention

Establishing a daily meditation practice is the best way that I know of centering myself and caring and nourishing myself. When I stop to meditate each day, I create a space where I am free to be. I create a space where I am not going to be interrupted, where no one is going to make requests of me and where I am encouraging myself to be compassionate with myself.

2. Helps to untangle emotional knots

When you work in the D&I space, interactions with others is top of mind. In fact, to do it effectively it is top of heart as well. To keep an open heart, we need to address emotional tangles that may occur as a result of our own reactions. When I meditate, it helps to take time out. I find that my heart is freed from knots. With an open heart, I am better able to assist others in being more inclusive.

3. Supports curiosity

One of the first lessons I learned when I committed to a daily meditation practice was that the only way I could maintain it was to be curious. With a curious stance, I could learn from my own internal processes and I could learn from my processes as I interacted with others.

4. Engenders peace within

A consistent meditation practice, cultivates peace within. A peaceful heart is the first step towards peace with others. Peaceful relations are the backbone of inclusive communities. What better way is there to be an inspiring D&I leader than to project a peaceful presence ?

5. Creates an equitable baseline to return to during the day.

As my meditation practice becomes more established and more deeply engrained in the structure of my day, I am able to return to the sense of level-headedness more frequently during the day. In my life, each additional day of practice leads to a deeper sense of balance. I am creating a baseline of equity that I can return to over and over again.

A Beta version of the course will be available in November. I am seeking partners in providing feedback for a discounted price. I want to ensure that this is the meditation support that reinforces your intention to establish a meditation practice at home.

A mindfulness meditation practice has helped me integrate and transform through belonging in community. Join the, Establish a Meditation Practice at Home: Mindfulness Basics Pilot course and together we will create an inclusive reality.

Contact for details.

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